PolyPattern Design Pro

PolyPattern creates an environment that encourages hand drafters to convert to CAD drafting and never turn back. Check out some of the features that PolyPattern Design Pro has to offer:


  • Easy to use workspace without the clutter and overwhelming tool bars.
  • PolyPattern utilizes a simple “snap” toolbar for placing guidelines, notches and grade points.
  • Toolbar allows access to most commonly accessed tools. Keyboard shortcuts are available for all tools.


  • Operate PolyPattern in either metric or imperial measurements on a Mac or PC.
  • Use PolyPattern’s geometric tools to quickly create rectangles, circles, polygons and curves.
  • Add pleats, gathers and darts to any pattern, either utilizing a current dart, or creating a new dart.
  • Edit and create notches and drilholes.
  • Automatically create facings
  • Scale patterns by separate vertical and horizontal percentages.
  • Create two pattern sets for one pattern called drop sizes.
  • Copy parts of one pattern to another pattern.
  • Extract new patterns from existing patterns and newly drafted lines.
  • Create custom seam allowance edges and annotations for patterns.
  • Walk pattern pieces to create custom notch placement.
  • Quick and easy keyboard shortcuts to activate tools & functions.


  • Save custom size group templates.
  • Utilize classic x-y grading.
  • Save grade rules for individual points to reuse on new designs.
  • Easily change nesting grade points to compare grade rules.
  • Separate a graded pattern into individual size patterns.
  • Quickly adjust grade amounts with tools to copy, add, subtract, mirror or combine grade rules from other patterns.
  • Make quick changes to the base pattern size without altering grade rules.
  • Easily add new pattern sizes with automatic grades from existing grade amounts.
  • Transform a group of pattern sizes into in a nested pattern by inferring grade rules.


  • Add and save custom measurement definitions for patterns.
  • Precise garment dimension charts across pattern sizes based on custom placement.


  • PolyPattern reads and imports data files accurately using international standards of CAD systems using AAMA and ASTM as well as Lectra, Investonica and Gerber file formats.
  • PolyPattern communicates with most plotters, digitizers and fabric cutters.  Easily save to a PDF*for creating custom downloadable patterns. (We recommend using CutePDF to handle restrictions normally set with printing to Adobe PDF files.)
  • Easily run PolyPattern on both Windows and MacOS*. (A virtual machine must be enabled with a Microsoft license for operating on MacOS.)


  • Porcelynne offers online support through a unique training program for new and existing users. Note that all users, whether they license with Porcelynne or through another party can purchase access to our training program. The training program can also be downloaded in a PDF format, although video content will not be available in the downloaded version.
  • Porcelynne offers email support for most issues. Some support may be needed through the developers, but we will address any issue that arises and pass on the information if needed.
  • Set up of digitizers and plotters may need to be coordinated with the home office of Polytropon in Greece.

Take PolyPattern for a test drive by downloading the Demo Version. With the demo download you will automatically be enrolled in the Demo Course for PolyPattern Design Pro.